Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NARUTO vs. Konohamaru (The Burning Chuunin Exams) Spoiler

"NARUTO vs. Konohamaru: The Burning Chuunin Exams" is the title of the special OVA shown together with the movie Blood Prison.

This is another spoiler. If you don't want to hear about the fight between NARUTO and Konohamaru in The Burning Chuunin Exams, please do not proceed further.

For those interested, please watch or listen to the following video I made back in August.


  1. God, I can't wait to see this. I doubt they'll ever fight in the manga, so this is probably the best there's going to be. I knew Naruto would do well though. But you know, I actually do understand the judges' reasoning, and if Naruto hadn't been disqualified, I think they both would have been promoted.

    This match feels like Naruto's chunin exam matches against Kiba and Neji, only in this case, Konohamaru is in Naruto's place as the underdog, so I definitely want to see him in action. Essentially, Konohamaru's the one this time around who has to put forth more effort in the fight, who has to try harder. And Naruto is the Neji, more experienced, stronger, out of his league.

    I've been waiting a long time (don't know why since he's a minor character who doesn't really get a chance to get in on the action). I saw "Naruto's Favorite Pupil" which looked like a good taste of what to expect in this OVA, and the whole time I kept wishing Konohamaru had done that against Pain. Now that would have truly been epic. I just wish Kishimoto had made a better role for him than "Naruto lite" is how I think he put it.

    It's strange, I don't know why I always love the most hated of the minor characters in practically everything I watch/read (which is probably a large part of why I don't get along with the general fandoms), but I can't really deny how cool they are in their own right and how much I just adore them.

    I talk too much too it seems....

    Anyways, this, and a lot of reviews I've seen on your Youtube channel have been fun to listen to.

  2. Leiga... Thanks so much for your kind words.

    I understand what you are saying.

    In many ways, Konohamaru is "another NARUTO." A long time ago I even thought that if there was ever going to be a spin-off manga or anime, it would have to be about Konohamaru. It is still possible, I guess. But anyway, Rock Lee's spin-off is already in the works.

    I was surprised to get so many thumbs down because Konohamaru beat NARUTO. I am sure there is good reason for what happened. In the grand scheme of things, NARUTO is still the hero anyway.

    Keep in touch.

    1. Naruto vs. Konohamaru (The Burning Chuunin Exam) naruto lost in the Chuunin Exam

      so is naruto still a genin or a Chuunin

      or Konohamaru is the only one who as been promoted to chuunin

      or naruto can also as been promoted chuunin

      or only Konohamaru can be promoted to chuunin

    2. Arun... in this particular OVA, it was only Konohamaru who was promoted to Chuunin. But NARUTO is still the hero! ^_^

    3. OVA doest change naruto manga chapter story and naruto episode story am i correct ova is a simple small movie like thing

    4. Yep- OVA doesn't change the main story in the manga.

  3. Naruto vs. Konohamaru (The Burning Chuunin Exam)

    naruto lost the match so is naruto a ( Genin or Chuunin )
    or naruto will also be promoted Chuunin
    or only Konohamaru was promoted to chuunin

    or naruto will be a eternal Genin who will be promoted
    to gretest @@@ hokage @@@

  4. hi.. couldn't understand Japanese.. so why is he disqualified?